Alfa Romeo X Larusmiani

In the backdrop of the Salone del Mobile, amidst design and creative effervescence, the launch event of the new Alfa Romeo Junior model took place: a small electric SUV that promises to transform the concept of urban mobility. The chosen venue for this automotive adventure was the Larusmiani boutique: an elegant and refined environment, an ideal stage to showcase the car to the public.

In this context of innovation and style, Spuma offered its impeccable and elegant signature service, delighting guests with refined flavors and creatively designed finger foods. Spuma’s distinctive touch extended beyond the food: its staff, always present and dynamic, made the experience not only tasty but also engaging, giving smiles and resonating with the guests.

The Alfa Romeo event at the Salone del Mobile was not just a moment to present a new car model, but a true celebration of elegance, creativity, and sophistication.