Hugo Boss Christmas Party
Colderio (Ch)

This year, Spuma had the unique opportunity to bring its touch of excellence to the Christmas party at the Swiss headquarters of Hugo Boss. For the occasion, we created and prepared a sartorial dinner for all the company’s employees, a total of 450 people, translating the brand’s elegance into unique flavors.

The challenge was great: to create a menu that reflected the elegance and prestige of Hugo Boss, while maintaining the warm and festive atmosphere of Christmas. Each dish was carefully thought out and crafted to offer a dining experience that was in full harmony with the spirit of the event.

We did not limit ourselves to just dinner. We also took care of the bar service, creating an exclusive cocktail list and a completely customized service. Each cocktail was a work of art, a perfect balance of flavors and presentation, designed to surprise and delight guests.

The event was a real success. The Christmas atmosphere, impeccable service and high quality cuisine made the Hugo Boss Christmas party an unforgettable moment. 

We are proud to have contributed to such a special experience and thank Hugo Boss for giving us this wonderful opportunity.