Louis Vuitton Dinner
Una Finestra Sul Lago
Carate Urio

In collaboration with Balich Wonder Studio, we had the honour of creating a corporate event for the prestigious brand Louis Vuitton, turning it into an experience that exceeded all expectations.

The evening began with a welcome drink, an explosion of flavours and creativity that welcomed the guests in a magical way. The carefully selected accompanying finger foods captured the palates with their combination of bold flavours and impeccable presentation.

The Balich Wonder Studio team studied the floral design and mise en place down to the smallest detail, transforming the space into a true aesthetic masterpiece. 

Every element, from the linen tablecloths to the cutlery, was chosen to create an atmosphere of refinement and luxury, in perfect balance with Louis Vuitton’s distinctive elegance.

The culinary moment was an unprecedented sensory experience. A two-course menu delighted the participants with its fusion of refined flavours and high-quality ingredients. Each dish was a symphony of flavours and colours, accompanied by a selection of fine wines that elevated the culinary experience, while a dessert tasting concluded the event. 

The event created by Spuma for Louis Vuitton was a perfect blend of creativity, luxury and taste. Every detail was taken care of with passion and dedication to provide an unforgettable experience for the guests. 

We are proud to have collaborated with Balich Wonder Studio to realise an event that exceeded all expectations, turning a corporate occasion into an extraordinary experience.