Spuma in Paris for the Wedding of the Century

The wedding of Madelaine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone, described by International media as ‘The Wedding of the Century’, was truly an extraordinary event. Spuma was honoured to take care of the mixology aspect in two fabulous locations: the Opera Garnier and the Château de Villette.

For the event, we selected 40 bartenders, each dedicated to creating a bespoke, high-end cocktail experience. Our mission was to enrich the already magical atmosphere with creations that reflected the elegance and splendour of the occasion.

The Opera Garnier, with its history and charm, was the perfect setting for the first evening: our cocktails accompanied the celebrations, adding a touch of pure magic. The following day, at the Château de Villette, we continued to delight guests with our creations, in a setting that combined history and luxury.

This wedding, which saw the couple fly guests to Paris on private jets, was a true triumph of beauty and sophistication. The celebrations began with a week-long bachelorette party at the luxurious Amangiri resort in Utah and continued to Paris, where every detail was taken care of to surprise and enchant.

Spuma is proud to have helped make these days unique for the newlyweds and the wedding party, providing a service that, we are told, exceeded expectations, in keeping with the exclusivity of the event.